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Caturron is a rare genetic mutation of the Caturra strain, which is a natural strain created from a mutation of the red bourbon strain originating in Brazil. The Caturron variety is known for its light acidity, high sweetness and yellow fruit notes. The processing process is very meticulous. The coffee is picked by hand in a selective picking. The processing process of this coffee is very complex and it begins with a pre-fermentation of 36 hours after which it goes through a process called hydrolysis (hydrolysis ("hydro" = water and "lyse" = break) involves adding water to one large molecule to break it into several smaller molecules). The entire process is temperature controlled. The coffee is then peeled and then soaked and aerobically fermented for 48 hours in an "infusion" of washing liquids created from anaerobic processes of other types of coffee. In this way the coffee reaches the perfection of the essence of the flavors in it. About the farm: Farmers Andres and Olga Lucia Londoño, are the third generation of coffee growers. Their estate, MANANTIALES DEL FRONTINO ESTATE, is located on the side of the Andes at an altitude of about 1950 meters above sea level. Dozens of springs spring out of the estate and the area is surrounded by a vast virgin fog forest. The area is also called the Forest of the Five Senses because of the multi-sensory experience that visitors to the farm have. The conditions of the area and the environment create a unique microclimate for producing coffee of the highest quality! The farm grows seven varieties of Caturra, Castillo, Maragogipe, Red and Yellow Bourbon, Geisha and Tabi coffee, each planted in microplots. The entire cultivation process is monitored during all stages of cultivation by a team of agronomists, agricultural engineers and even food engineers. Anders and Olga work in collaboration with the community for rural development and their special farm is committed to social and environmental responsibility. The farm Manantiales is a farm full of animals and plants, and is committed to the conservation of wildlife, therefore, hunting is prohibited. The farm has Rainforest Alliance certification.



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Finca Manantiales del Frontino

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