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Ethiopia Worka Sakaro

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This coffee has a texture and sweetness unique to the natural process compared to the Walka Sakaro that we usually sell, and a complex fruit flavor with many layers of flavor. The result is a coffee with a flavor reminiscent of berry jam and sweetness reminiscent of tropical fruit! Please try. Below is from the importer material The cherries harvested by small-scale farmers are delivered to nearby washing factories and sales offices. The cherries are spread out on an African bed and slowly dried for 20 days while stirring the cherries and removing imperfections. Refined after dry milling at a threshing factory. In recent years, natural coffee has been attracting attention in the world of specialty coffee. However, it is clean and natural rather than overripe and dirty as before. In particular, the following two points greatly contribute to improving the quality of Yirgachev G1 Natural. ・High-quality cherries that would normally be washed are given a special natural finish. ・We are focusing on thoroughly removing defective beans and educating them on slow drying on African beds. The Gedeo zone in the eastern part of the Yirgachev region is divided into six districts, one of which is the Gedev district. It is a remote area 434 km away from the capital Addis Ababa, and until a few years ago it took nearly 8 hours to get there by car, but with the opening of the Ethiopia↔Kenya road in 2016, the time it took to get there has decreased to about 3 hours. I did. It is an area in Ethiopia that has an environment suitable for coffee production, with coffee being planted on a quarter of the land. Gedeb district is divided into 16 administrative districts, one of which is Wolka Sakaro. Wolka means "gold" in the local Gedeo language, and when the subordinates of Ethiopia's last emperor, Haile Selassie, visited this area, he was deeply impressed by the wealth of the people and decided to move this area. It came to be called the land of Woreka (gold). In addition, there is a huge tree in this area that the people affectionately called ``Sakaro'', and the name ``Wolka Sakaro'' was created by combining these two trees. The land area is approximately 1,300 ha, but coffee is planted on more than half of the area, and there are three washing factories. In March 2017, he owned one of them, Ranger, a sister company of BNT (Ethiopia's high-quality coffee exporter), and brought together talented staff at commensurate wages to manage the refining and drying processes. We do it carefully. We have started working on producing Yirgachev coffee of higher quality than ever before. (In 2018, it also owns two other washing factories in Gedeb)
Single Origin
Gedeb, Ethiopia
Guadeloupe Bonifieur
Worka Sakaro Wet Mill

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