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2023: This coffee is back and juicier than ever. This year, our partners at San Cristobal Coffee Importers sent us a specific flavor profile knowing we are fans of big berry, clean juicy cups. Still from the amazing and talented women of La Yerba, this year's micro lot can be traced here: More from owner Areli Barrera de Grodski: This coffee holds a special place in my heart. It is from the Grupo Terruño Nayarita in Nayarit, México, the state that my father is from. I first saw roasted coffee from the Nayarit region in 2014, on the shelves of Victrola Coffee in Seattle, WA. I got so overwhelmed with excitement about the fact that coffee grew in Nayarit - this was the first I knew about it.In 2015 when co-owner Leon and I went to visit family in Tepuzhuacan, Nayarit, we reached out to Jim Kosalos (founder of Cafés Sustentables de México and San Cristobal Coffee) to see if we could visit the farms where that first bag of coffee I saw was from. Jim graciously invited us to visit, and so Leon, my uncle, and I took the bus to Tepic and met up with Jim. He handed us the keys to a Volkswagon Bug and up the mountain we went.He showed us around the washing station, the drying stations, and through the small towns where the coffee was grown. We were able to meet a lot of the producers and workers from those stations and got to hear their perspectives and needs in the value chain firsthand. It truly helped shape our approach to sourcing, one in which we consider the wide array of coffee grown in one farm, lot, or community and figure out a place for all of it while taking into account our own standards of quality.We started roasting coffee in 2017, and I have been waiting to get my hands on this coffee ever since. This year is our fourth year having the privilege to purchase 20 bags of a naturally processed coffee from the group of women from this community in Nayarit and I am so excited to share it with our community. It feels so rooted and ancestral to be working with this coffee and I am forever grateful to Jim, Devorah, and their team, as well as the producers from Grupo Terruño Nayarita who allowed us into their space and opened up to us about the struggles of producing coffee and how we can support them. All coffee from San Cristobal Coffee is 100% traceable.

Stone Fruit


Dried Fig


Single Origin



63519 La Yerba, Nay., Mexico




Mundo Novo, Bourbon, Caturra






Grupo Terruño Nayarita

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