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In the 1920s, a lucky accident involving some plants in Timor Leste led to the creation of the ‘Hybrid of Timor.’ But then, things got a bit messy with Portuguese colonisation and Indonesian annexation, causing coffee exports to plummet. Ah, the joys of unrest and civil war! Fortunately, in 2002, independence came to the rescue, and foreign investment pumped life back into the coffee sector. Suddenly, coffee became the country’s main moneymaker again, accounting for a whopping 80% of exports. It’s like the hero who rises from the ashes! To ensure top-notch quality, they have training programs and improved infrastructure in place. And let’s not forget the organic farming tradition and shade-grown goodness of Timor Leste coffees. It’s like a fancy coffee paradise! The Sakoko micro-lot is a mix of Catimor, Caturra, and Typica varieties. It’s all about variety, folks! They carefully pick the cherries at their peak ripeness and deliver them to Railaco Station, where the magic happens. First, they float the cherries to get rid of the not-so-good ones. Then, they spread the chosen cherries on raised beds and patios to soak up the sun. Once they’re perfectly dry, they gather them up, store them, and give them a nice milled, sorted, and graded makeover. Railaco Station has been a happening place since 2008. They receive deliveries from farmers who travel ridiculously long distances just to bring their cherries. Talk about dedication! The station covers a whopping 51 hectares, with 9 dedicated to making coffee dreams come true. They’ve got all the steps covered: wet and dry milling, drying on a hardstand (because they mean business), and sorting out any imperfect beans. Only the best for export! Oh, and Railaco Station doesn’t waste anything. They turn the leftover cherry bits into fertiliser. Waste not, want not, as they say! And hey, they even go the extra mile with this natural lot, carefully sorting the dried cherry skin to make fancy cascara. But it’s not just about the coffee; it’s about the people too! Railaco takes care of its workers with meals and accommodations. They even contribute to their salaries, making them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The station is buzzing with activity, with a permanent crew of 86 and an extra 150 seasonal workers. It’s like a coffee city! And guess what? Upstream, the cool company Brightside has sourced this coffee through, is working hand in hand with Railaco Station, providing support and upgrades. They’re making waves with innovative processing techniques, creating exciting coffee profiles, and getting the younger generation pumped about their unique coffee culture. It’s like a coffee revolution.

Red Currant



Red Apple

White Grape


Single Origin



Ermera, Timor-Leste


Typica, Catimor, Caturra






Railaco Processing Station

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